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At Flirty Aprons Canada we love what we do and want each customer to know how much they are appreciated for making this an exciting and fun business for us. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments by visiting the Contact Us page.

The Flirty Aprons Story

Flirty Aprons was founded on the principle of creating high quality products that help find better self-expression and greater excitement in day-to-day activities. Starting in kiosks in store malls, Flirty Aprons introduced fresh new designs that quickly drew attention and gained a large audience. Flirty Aprons are now sold throughout the world with distribution facilities in the US, Canada, and Japan.

Flirty Apron's initial designs were initially created by Heather who spent five years in the modeling industry and has a love for fashion and design. She gave Flirty Aprons its start in functional and stylish products. Today, many of our designs are created by top designers throughout the world to keep Flirty Apron's products as the standard by which all other aprons are measured.

At Flirty Aprons, we love our customers. We believe our products can better the lives of everyone. Our small business approach gives Flirty Aprons allows us to deliver a high quality product to men and women everywhere that helps them to find better self-expression and greater excitement in their day-to-day activities.

We love interacting with people, creating new designs, and hearing all the great suggestions our customers send in. Thank you to everyone that has helped make Flirty Aprons the most sought after apron brand in the world.

The Mission

Flirty Aprons is a business that acts as a force for good in the community, in the nation, and in the world. At Flirty Aprons, doing good is not confined to traditional methods, such as community volunteer work and donations. As with all aspects of the company, Flirty Aprons seeks to innovate new methods of impacting the community. The company differs from others in how it employs and compensates people, in helping other businesses around it, and promoting good values.

The Vision of Flirty Aprons emerges in the company's efforts to create products that truly help people feel important and noticed - products that give new life to mundane activities, and bring color and style to the home. On a broader level, the Vision emerges in the positive day-to-day interactions that customers have with Flirty Aprons employees. We want the community to feel like businesses are on their side and not at odds with individuals. We hope that their interactions with Flirty Aprons will inspire them and help them gain a more optimistic, hopeful view of the modern role of businesses in society. We hope everyone will join in on our better Vision of the positive interactions between the business and customer.

The Company Now

Since opening its first mall location in March of 2008, Flirty Aprons has experienced rapid growth. Our products are extremely popular as gift items and we get letters and emails daily from customers that love our quality, styling, and our customer service. Flirty Aprons continues to expand operations and will always try to provide the most desired aprons on the market.

In 2012, Flirty Aprons expanded its offices and established a new state-of-the-art shipping facility in Sandy, Utah to better service customers with faster shipping and better customer support. In 2013, Flirty Aprons parent company, Simple Products, further expanded operations into Canada.

We are extremely grateful to our product designers, our support staff, and our customers for being the reason that Flirty Aprons brand continues to grow and bring joy into the lives of everyone that uses our product.