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Cook's Apron

When it comes to cook's aprons you want something that matches your personality. You can find a variety of cute women's aprons or funny men's aprons with Flirty Aprons. Many online suppliers will be able to help you find specific types of aprons as well as specific fabrics. You can find any type of apron under the sun and moon by looking online.

Cooking Aprons

Finding aprons online can be helpful because it's not always easy to find the apron you want in retail stores. By looking online you can find a cook's apron, a household apron or a novelty apron as well as suppliers for various types of uniform aprons, vests and smocks.

Whether you want a cook's apron for a restaurant, aprons for your housekeeping staff in a hotel, aprons for other staff or something for home for a gift for yourself or someone else, you can find plenty of options with Flirty Aprons.


Cooks do need aprons. They protect your clothing and give you not only protection for your clothes but give you the distinct look of a chef. An cook aprons can have pockets or can simply cover your clothing. Some cook's aprons are waist aprons only and others are tied at the waist and around the neck.

Here's a list of a few of the options available beyond cooking aprons, although cooking is a very good reason to wear an apron, it's not the only reason. Many other jobs can benefit from clothing protection or from wearing an apron as a uniform.


Butchers wear aprons to protect their clothing. Some butchers wear a waist apron and others wear full length aprons. This protects their clothing from spills and from blood.

Looking for cotton aprons?

Not only do aprons get worn in a profession but also around the house in the garden and in the workshop as well.

Handy Men

A handyman wears a tool belt or pocket waist apron to hold tools, nuts bolts, screws, and etcetera. A handyman apron is a good way to keep things handy.


A gardening apron can protect your clothes. Playing in the dirt will require that you wear old clothes and old shoes but an apron can be helpful too. It can be a smock that protects your clothing or a full sized apron and it can contain pockets for some of your gardening tools.


Waiters and waitresses often wear pocketed aprons to hold order pads, receipts, change and their tips. The apron quickly identifies them as staff and helps them keep organized by having things they need on their person.

Apron Styles

Apron styles vary from long and white to short and colorful. Flirty Aprons offers you a variety of choices to find the apron that is right for you.