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Cotton Aprons

There are a lot of reasons for buying and using cotton aprons. Not only has this type of garment been used as a uniform, as a way to protect your clothes or to put items within reach with pockets but many women in many generations have gathered up items in their cute aprons to bring those items with them such as wood for fires and herbs or vegetables from their garden plus other household items as well. Aprons are something that can be a garment used for work, for decoration and something used for gift giving as well.

Cotton Aprons

Aprons can be made with many types of fabric, but cotton aprons are probably the most popular both for work and for play. Cotton, as a breathable fabric is often used on decorative apron dresses as well. Many styles are available and it's very common to see a young girl dressed in a pretty apron covered dress in many time periods. Aprons come in many styles including bell styles, half aprons, pinafores and more. Aprons are very popular for dresses.

Cotton is a fabric that is both breathable and versatile. Many cotton aprons can be made with a multitude of colors and styles. Different shapes, various colors and even personalization is possible.

Cotton Aprons as Gifts

As a gift for an older woman, an apron is functional and can be very pretty. Have it personalized with photographs or embroidery and you can have aprons that have holiday designs as well.

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A cotton apron can be a nice gift for a younger woman as well. Women can buy aprons for themselves that don't have to be dowdy looking. Today you can buy flirty looking aprons with scalloped edges, pretty colors and patterns and that are quite flattering. Aprons don't' have to just be there for kitchen tasks. Aprons can be worn for crafts and for outdoor projects such as gardening.

Gardening aprons protect your clothes while giving you pockets and kitchen cotton aprons can keep you dry and protect your clothes from wetness and spills. The pockets can hold handy items for you as well. Cute sets exist with matching sun hats and gloves and maybe even some gardening clogs. Sounds like a great gift idea for a gardening enthusiast, doesn't it?

You can even buy mother and daughter aprons for family projects for crafts and kitchen fun as well. Holiday baking can be an extra special time with matching special aprons that come out for the special occasion.

For businesses, cotton aprons can compliment the uniform or can even just be the uniform and cotton is a fabric that's not going to make the employee overheat as it's quite breathable. Cotton aprons are versatile and definitely making a comeback.