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Novelty Aprons

Novelty aprons can be a great gift for many occasions. At Flirty Aprons we have a variety of novetly apron styles too, including:

  • Children's aprons
  • Bistro aprons
  • Formal v-neck tuxedo aprons
  • Barbeque aprons, etc.

Gifts for Men

Novelty aprons for men can be a gift for someone who loves to cook, who loves to barbeque or who needs to be reminded that men can do housework too!

Gifts for Women

Novelty aprons for women can be a lot of fun and a great gift for yourself, your mother, your sister, your grandmother or a friend as well. This is a great birthday, holiday or wedding shower gift idea. Aprons can be nice and trendy instead of boring as well. You can buy novelty aprons or ones that are stylish and even personalized.

Kid's Apron Ideas

Novelty aprons for kids are fun for them and keep them clean for you. You can buy apron styles that match Mom's apron as well as mother and daughter gift sets. Boys can have aprons too. Kids can use the novelty aprons for cooking, for doing crafts and for helping Mom clean up at home. They can even just be used for playing dress up.

Looking for a sexy apron and other resources?

Functional and Fun

Barbeque aprons can come equipped with room for barbequing utensils such as tongs, spatulas and basting brushes and can even come with matching hats that say, "Kiss the cook" or some other funny saying.

You might have novelty aprons for various times of the year as well as for gifts and many families who have special things they bring out for various times of the year find that they can do the same with aprons. Options can include a Christmas apron, a Thanksgiving apron, anEaster apron and one for the 4th of July as well. His and Her novelty aprons can make a fun wedding shower gift and your Mom or Grandmother or even one of your friends might really enjoy a special holiday apron as a Christmas gift.

If you know someone who has a love for something like a special character, a type of animal or saying, you can get personalized aprons. Novelty aprons are really increasing in popularity for gift giving ideas. When you don't know what to get someone, a novelty apron can be fun and it's not likely to be a gift they'll get duplicated by someone else. You can even do an apron photo gift and order personalized aprons made with photograph montages.

Novelty aprons aren't something you see every day in retail stores. They can be hard to find unless you go to a restaurant supply store and then you can end up with a limited amount of choices. With Flirty Aprons you will find many options for various types of aprons in different sizes and they can be delivered quite quickly.