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Vintage Aprons

Connect to your past with a vintage apron

Everyone has memories of their grandmother in her kitchen with her vintage apron cooking up a storm. From the everyday meal to the big celebrations of Christmas and Thanksgiving women of the past flaunted their vintage aprons with pride. Many childhood memories are intertwined with grandmother’s vintage aprons. You can continue keep those memories alive with a modern vintage apron just like your grandmother’s. You can even start making some of your own memories with your kids.

Become your favorite Iconic Women

Ever dreamed of being a “June Clever” or a “Harriet Nelson” mom? Vintage aprons can help you get one step closer. Every time you saw June Weather cleaning the house or cooking a meal for the family she was wearing a Vintage apron. Her Vintage apron was more than just a means for keeping clean, but it was an accessory. Harriet’s vintage apron helped her get through the day. She always had a place to hold her spatula or cleaning cloth. What would these iconic women do with out their Vintage aprons?

Vintage Aprons go Modern

Just because you love your mom’s old vintage apron doesn’t mean you still have to wear it 50 years after bought it. Many modern aprons still have that same vintage feel that your mom’s does, but it has modern quality.